10 June 2019

10 Best Jump Rope Tricks For Weight Loss (Workout)

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ladies and gentlemen what is going on

I'm Dan Whitmer and today we are doing the 10 best jump rope moves for weight loss so guys today's video is a workout because of course it's Monday so we're gonna need to burn the most calories as possible so we kind of wanted to do a combination video where we showed you guys the 10 most effective moves or jump rope moves for burning a lot of calories the ones that are the most taxing on your body when you do them at a high intensity of course so we wanted to do those but we're basically going to do 10 of those in 30-second periods with 10 seconds of rest and we're just gonna run through those 10 twice so it's gonna be two rounds what's gonna be run one round of 20 we'll be running through the ten exercises twice if you guys are beginners that's totally fine you can just do regular bounce or run in place you don't have to do the tricks again the point here is to be combining the tricks that burn the most calories with a workout so in a sec here I'm about to tell you what the actual moves are and then we'll get into the workout alright ladies and gentlemen the first move is regular bounce fast then we have run in place

fast skip high knees feet front to back feet side to side mummy kicks double-unders butt kicks and sideswipe single unders if you guys want the jump rope that we use in this video and our favorite jump rope of all time especially for weight loss it's by cross rope it's linked up in the description below if you enter do the thing at checkout you get 10% off and if you guys want to get updates on everything that we have going on here at jump rope foods new tips for beginners advanced stuff that we have going on workouts all that kind of thing go ahead and sign up for our email list you do that by joining our seven day challenge this is especially good if you're a beginner that's also linked up below let's do the thing get ready the first one is regular bounce just with our quarter pound rope here regular bounce fast so trying to just and if you need to warm up go ahead I usually just walk around and do some jumping jacks but get yourself warmed up for a minute or so these all also these beginning rounds to kind of warm up but you just want to try a lot of these moves we're doing for all these moves are doing are really effective for

burning extra calories because they require a little bit more than just going like this with the jump rope okay so next up run in place and really use the ten seconds to catch your breath which is fast because you want to be trying to go pretty fast when you're in the middle of a circuit okay so just slightly off the ground we're not doing high needs so your knees don't have to come up that high just kind of don't worry about mess up - learn as many calories as you can here we go again if you guys need a rope the one I'm using it's linked up below in a set by cross stroke okay that was run in place up next we have fast skip the basket okay yeah if you guys come on so kick one leg back put the other leg forward we also have tutorials for all of these moves so go check them out if you haven't already they're also linked up in the description get ready next we have high knees okay just like that shoulders already burning guys shoulders already burning here we go Heidi get him up try not to let the mic fall off I hope it's not keep doing them

there we go okay good [Music] get him up ladies and gentlemen good again guys just going for the max calorie burn here good very good Oh next up speed front to back here we go this slight small steps guys doesn't have to be anything major it's nice and quick remember we're trying to go as intense as we can for this obviously I'm already getting a little out of breath so I'm gonna stop talking so much good feet side to side next guys and then after that we got mummy kicks huh here we go side to side sort quick keep those wrists moving if you guys do this with a slightly weighted rope at all do you understand how taxing it my beginners by the way I want you guys can do one round my advanced people mummy kicks next I want you guys doing this twice rest two minutes in between and do it twice okay [Music] who's not a simple workout at all if you go intense I'm already sweating pretty good [Music] okay guys right into it here we go doubles

[Music] [Applause] [Music] if you mess up a little bit don't worry also try to get like three and then go regular okay so make it a little easier three regular three regular good good guys up next I think we only have two more butt kicks side select single unders butt kicks here we go come on get them up see from the side the heels should actually be kicking your butt good guys come on [Music] finish him and we we do one more and we reset oh my god okay good guys sideswipe single so and then back to the top Oh [Music] again I highly encourage you guys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right guys regular bounce fast here we go so I made a mistake my beginners I want you to do this full video so two circuits and then my bands just rewind the video and do it

again so you're gonna do for total circuits okay so we got [Music] basket and I I don't think you can see this but I'm definitely sweating pretty profusely at this point [Music] good guys run in place here we go [Music] good guys come on come on doesn't have to be long just has to be intense great muscular workout to not just calorie burning good guys fast gift we did a video recently where we tested how many calories jumping rope with the rope like this burns in a half hour it was pretty cool go check it out I link it up basket guys don't worry about mess up [Music] good god good I need the not easy [Music] Oh [Music] feed front to back guys this is how you should feel even though brand I do this all the time should always feel taxed like this should always be challenging be front to back come on

almost done here guys halfway through the second one my beginner come on [Music] oh my god it's getting real speed side-to-side guys [Music] probably not gonna talk for the rest of this but don't worry about messes come on make up for [Music] [Applause] [Music] come on guys let's go here come on Jerry ancient only three more or four more mommy [Music] ah come on dig deep guys you almost done [Music] doubles just so they're clean I'm gonna do three couple regular three got okay come on [Music] buckets good this is how you should feel guys even as the person leading the workout still very tough [Music] my oyster oyster

Oh way up side slide fling that single on there my beginners are ready or done after this dude I'm tired I'm not even gonna lie guys this is how I want you to feel last one come on try to get a little fancy oh that is it ladies and gentlemen thank you for doing this workout with me this is how out of breath you should feel tired remember guys it's not just jump rope that helps you lose the weight it's the intensity it's the consistency okay you guys like this video please go ahead and give it a thumbs up below again you need jump ropes they're down below if you need some accountability and a good community this sign up is linked down below there for email lists thank you for being here ladies and gentlemen like this video if you found it helpful subscribe if you want more videos like this I'm gonna go get some water you guys have a great rest of your day [Music]