25 January 2019


Hey friends! Welcome to my channel! In this video I share with you my top 10 favourite gut healing supplements/ these supplements are great for healing leaky ...

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

so today I'm gonna be sharing with you my top 10 favourite products that are gonna help heal your gut I have shared many videos like this but I haven't shared one where I compiled more than just a couple so I'm gonna go through these with you these products are great if number one you were on a candida cleanse currently and you're trying to fight Candida and reduce inflammation in the gut these products are also great if you're done the candida face and now looking to reseal the gut and these products are also great if you're just looking to be healthy and reduce inflammation in the gut overall so you don't have to be on a specific face to use these these are great for all phases and I'm gonna kind of I'm getting to a little bit of detail in each product so I will leave links to all the products at least the ones I can find in the description box below and along with any discount codes that I may have so the first one is going to be a no-brainer and that is probiotics I have two that I'm going to share with you today and talk about which one I like and what their benefits are the first one is this one here this is called HMF intensive

from Jeunesse true brands this is an amazing probiotic I'm going to turn around to show you the strains so super potent and I think I'm not sure why there you go so I this is the most potent one in Canada currently actually I think in all of North America that you can get currently so it's 500 billion per packet they come in little sachets that you can just pour into your drink or right into your mouth this is gonna be the best bang for your buck in terms of probiotics because you've got a good amount of strains there lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains are the ones that go in your gut and actually repopulate which is what you want you want to start to recoat your intestinal wall with good bacteria so these are the guys that are gonna do that well what I like about it is because it's 500 billion and you get 30 packets or a 30 day supply for only I think around 170 it is amazing because even if you don't do 500 billion a day if you just do 250 billion this is gonna last you two months for a hundred and seventy bucks of a such a potent dose or you could only do one hundred billion a day and it'll last you five months so

you can do however much you want it doesn't matter but this is probably my favorite one currently and then in terms of other probiotics that I do take and my family takes are of course the SVO probiotics sorry shook the camera from dr. axe so these are 50 billion what I like about these ones is that they are soil based strains so the human strains that I just showed you the lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are great for repopulating the soil based strains are amazing for going in your gut and cleansing but they do not remain in the gut so they'll help you to detox will help to reduce inflammation digest your food produce some B vitamins that kind of stuff but then they leave the body they do not populate or stay in the body so these ones if you are to take these you have to be taken continuously otherwise you'll have no probiotics or not a lot left so at some point you do want to bring in the human strains but what we use these ones for are to greatly reduce inflammation and to really overpower the yeast and the gut so specifically bacillus subtilis and sacrum Isis Velarde are incredible for

yeast and fungus they will go in the gut they will neutralize any toxins like mycotoxins and stuff that comes from the mold and the yeast which everybody has in my opinion and they will help to kind of kill them or fight them off so these are amazing this is what I take Saccharomyces boulardii specifically is fantastic for mold and then bacillus colossi bacillus subtilis and bacillus coagulants are fantastic for Candida yeast so we do these ones and these want to do a combo of both either one of each during the day or one day we do this the other day we do the other one we mix it up but both I want to show you because both have really great benefits so the next supplement that I'm going to show you is a ride-or-die for sure and as i'll glutamine so a lot of these you probably already know about but for those who don't this is from Jeunesse two brands for those who don't just quickly to touch on it al glutamine is amazing it is the number one amino acid or fuel source for the cells in our gut so if our cells want to rebuild themselves they need al glutamine so we got out later in a diet but not in a high enough dosage to repair the gut if

you have leaky gut so it's really just great to supplement you don't to supplement the rest of your life but a month on and then maybe two three weeks off and then another month on and do that for a little while is gonna be a really good way to completely reduce the inflammation in the gut which is this is what it's amazing for and also to just start to give your bottom the cells in your gut fuel so they can start to rebuild so this is definitely a ride-or-die for me and i just always recommend it to clients it's it's an amazing supplement especially if you're on the gut healing phase um okay the next supplement I did I ran out yesterday so I do not have it but I will post a picture here and that is aloe vera gel aloe vera juice is great if that's all you can get but if you can get the gel even better so aloe vera is incredible for a million things but I'm just going to quickly touch on it it cleanses the gut it flushes helps to flush the liver it fights off bad bacteria because this has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in it it greatly reduces inflammation in the gut which is the main source of leaky gut

and you can't heal leaky gut if you don't reduce the inflammation first it helps to detox it helps to alkalize the body as well and it helps to build up the mucus levels in the gut because it has so much water in it just absolutely incredible supplement it really gets the bowels moving which is what another thing that you need you have to have really frequent bowel movements if you want to reduce inflammation and therefore heal your gut so aloe is just like a supplement that everyone I think should be on at some point so I highly recommend trying that out if you have in and sorry about the weird lighting it is so white because I'm in front of the window and it's just it's really weird lighting so sorry about that but the next supplement um I also ran out of but I will show you the company it's very similar so I like the company organic huh the next element is going to be gelatin so I have their marine collagen right now but the the package looks the same it's just in pink it'll say gelatin um I did yeah I ran out a couple days ago and I haven't repurchase but it is amazing because what I like specifically about gelatin even over collagen and

bone broth is when you you mix gelatin with something it thickens it up and it makes a firm it's very sticky and that's exactly what it does to your gut it goes into your gut and it really reduces the inflammation and it coats on the coats of the walls of the intestinal lining so it could start to reseal the guy and it keeps um you know bad bacteria and stuff from entering the bloodstream so I love to do the gelatin once or twice a day I do like a big scoop probably around 10 grams and a scoop and I'll put it in a tea or you can make gelatin gummies with it or you can add it to desserts you can blend it up in your smoothie there's a lot of things you can do with it you can put it in soups if you're having something hot it's just incredible to seal the guy and end up out of everything bone broth gelatin anything I'd go for gelatin as my first choice then I will go for bone broth of collagen which I will show you because I like that you can flavor them whereas gelatin is kind of you can't really do that you just have gelatin so marine collagen is great if your pescetarian otherwise the two

the two main ones that I really like are gonna be ancient nutrition so what I love about Asian nutrition is everything's grass-fed and organic and all that but I like that they have a lot of different flavors because I am lower sugar I even watch my fruit consumption and because of that I like to sweeten my smoothies and stuff with a protein powder that's sweetened which is why I like the ancient nutrition because they do use stevia so this is what I like for bone broth so this is the savory herb from organic or sorry ancient nutrition of course it's organic and all of that this has some nice herbs in it so I love mixing this with rice if I'm cooking rice I love adding it to soups and sauces and pastas and that kind of stuff and then in terms of something else like I said I love the collagen as well um bone broth has a lot of has gelatin in it which is why it gels up if it's cold whereas gelatin is just the pure gelatin extracted from the bone broth and then collagen is a little bit different it has just a little bit of different amino acid profile than the gelatin and bone broth would so all are great I find that

collagen is really much it's a lot better for hair skin nails and joints gelatin is much better for the gut bone broth is good for just all-around if that makes sense so I'm something else I've been loving from a nutrition that's really good for the gut but only good for those who can tolerate some dairy and that is their whey protein so this is the creamiest and most amazing protein powder you will ever have but what I love about it is that it's grass-fed non-gmo all of that they also have colostrum in it which is huge because colostrum is my next choice of a supplement it's really great for healing the gut if it's a good quality one absolutely amazing nutrients and it to help seal up that gut lining so by adding it it's not only good for the gut it's actually really good for digestion what I also love about their whey protein is that they add and this video is not sponsored by them I just love their products but they do add digestive enzymes a full spectrum so lactase to help with the dairy but a bunch of other ones to help with the rest of your meal plus they have probiotics in here as well so you you do not have to worry

about not being able to digest this I never get bloated or anything I feel so good when I drink this stuff and I'll add it to my smoothies to sweeten it so I just want to show you that there is other products out there if you do not like the taste of bone broth and you want or collagen and you want to get some gut healing properties this would be a really good option for you so my next supplement after the colostrum and all of that would be slippery elm so it's an herb and it's a fantastic supplement to specifically reduce inflammation in the GI tract didn't have a lot of clients who had eczema and psoriasis and really inflammatory conditions and when they started taking slippery elm their rashes went down they felt a lot better it's not a cure for your ex of our psoriasis I'm not saying that but it does have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties which is always at the root cause if you have any type of chronic you know disease or anything like that or chronic condition there is a supplement I didn't have I haven't taken slippery elm in a little while because I haven't had to so I don't have any on

hand but I do have an herbal GI supplement which my family loves so I will show this to you here it's also from Jeunesse true brands what I like about this one is that it has slippery almond it along with a lot of other good nutrients so the first one is marshmallow root which is very similar to slippery elm in that it's extremely anti-inflammatory and soothing for the gut and it really helps to balance out those mucous levels and the gut which is what we want they're slippery um there's also anise and cabbage which are fantastic for the stomach if you have any alterations or even in the colon if you have any ulcers cabbage is amazing for that there's clove which is fantastic um peppermint which is fantastic for digestion and it really gets your intestine intestines moving and stimulates peristalsis which is gonna help to get the stool out of the intestines and then it has some digestive enzymes as well so this is a really fantastic overall supplement to just completely soothe the digest digestive tract and reduce inflammation and just one more time it's called herbal GI from Jeunesse your

brand so this is a really great one that I do recommend to a lot of clients as well where are we okay the next one is probably one you've seen a lot if you follow me on instagram and if you're not I highly recommend you do because I share so many gut healing tips and recipes on there but that would be turmeric so it doesn't have to be a turmeric latte mix although I love this one from organic traditions because it tastes obscene credible and it has your ginger and your cinnamon and all your warming spices in one so you literally just add this to hot water it's great because also has coconut milk powder so it makes it really creamy brings you those healthy fats to help absorb the curcumin from the turmeric and there's also probiotics in here so this is the one I personally use but overall if you can just make yourself a turmeric latte or a turmeric ginger tea make sure you're taking turmeric with something warming like black pepper or ginger so you could extract the curcumin from the turmeric but just make yourself something like that to help sooth your stomach and sooth your colon again by reducing inflammation and soothing the

digestive tract you're able to heal your gut that's the only way you can do it so that's what all these supplements are really focusing on anti inflammatory but definitely some type of turmeric mix or something is going to be great to help do that I drink a turmeric latte almost every day if I don't have turmeric latte I'm having a matcha so I do one of the two and the next one is a little bit different it's called MCT oil I'm specifically this one it has black seed oil in it as well so um I'm going to show you here it's from ancient nutrition it's actually a new product of there is again not sponsored just really love this stuff so it tastes really sweet and really good it does not taste bitter or anything like that I like it because it has your black seed oil it has your MCT oil which are medium chain triglycerides from coconut I'll touch on that in just a minute and it also has clove oil clove is amazing for breaking down the biofilm if you have like lyme disease or lots of toxicity anything like that there's this protective layer around the viruses or bacteria to prevent them from being killed off in the body so clove oil is

great for destroying that biofilm so your body can actually destroy the bacteria or the virus so this is great for that but what I love specifically about MCT oil in general if it's organic and really pure is that it really it's caprylic acid which means it helps it goes in your gut and it really helps to fight off Candida so this is great if you have Candida and you're on a candida cleanse you could take that to help fight the candida it's great if you're trying to heal your gut because the medium chain triglycerides are instant fuel and they'll help to rebuild up that gut lining they're really great nourishment for your brain that give your body energy to actually be able to detox and if you're just a random person who wants to be healthier taking mc2 oil is a really good way to keep Candida at bay and prevent it from over growing because every time you take it you'll be fighting it back a bit so I really recommend doing this I've been taking MCT oil for years and it was one of the big things that helped me clear my Candida and really give me energy because overall you need energy your body does need that energy to be able to

cleanse and detox and rebuild and if you're so fatigued from constantly detoxing and from being sick and having diseases all the time your body's not going to be able to fully heal so giving your body fuel is amazing MCT oil is it's very it breaks an extremely quick in the body which is why it becomes instant fuel for your brain whereas other fats are a lot harder to break down so they usually end up taking a little bit longer to digest so now the last three supplements are going to be one of the more important ones so before I show you them and most of us have some type of mold exposure we might not have complete mold toxicity in our body we might not be extremely sensitive to things but a lot of us have come in contact with mold whether it's in a damp house or a school that we attended and when we were younger and having a really like swampy property anything like that will lead to you inhaling mold spores and then they go into your body and they produce something called bio toxins so there's a lot of different types of toxins that will come from mold like aflatoxins mycotoxins etc um amazed go on your body and they wreak

havoc but usually they end up populating the gut and your your nasal passages so a lot of times people will have asthma or blocked sinuses any type of congestion it's it's usually a major sign of mold toxicity so one of the things that people do is a and I've seen clients time and time again try to kill their guts and just have not be very successful well and um they say that they feel better for a little while but then they get worse and the reason for that is as you fight mold but then you don't fully get all of it it'll just over grow really quick again and just your symptoms will come back so I'm sharing this with you because mold is a big issue and it's really one of the main underlying issues for a lot of people so I did want to address that and let you know that you know it's something you guys should be thinking about so with that the last two supplements are really great for binding to mold toxins in the gut and pulling them out of the body so the number one supplement that I recommend if you're trying to heal your gut and really cleanse and take care of all the toxins in your body it's gonna be activated

charcoal you guys have seen this on my channel for a while so I'll just show it to you here this is fantastic because it binds to those mold toxins and it will help take them out of the body via the stool a lot of times I'm the mold toxins will bind will enter the bloodstream and keep going back to the liver and then through the bile duct back to the liver and they just kind of do that and when they're in the bloodstream that caused a lot of inflammation so by taking a binder it's gonna bind to a bunch of toxins and just get it out through the stool really important when you're doing any type of cleansing and healing regime I do recommend getting that in alongside that I recommend a chlorella chlorella is fantastic for mold as well or a liquid chlorophyll is good too so I like this one from purely natural it's a mint flavor and it tastes so good it doesn't taste gross or green it's hazardous light mint flavor you can add it to water and this is gonna be really good for soothing the gut reducing inflammation and again binding to toxins in that gut and just pulling them out through the stool it really helps get the bowels moving as well because there

is a magnesium at the center of each of these chlorophyll molecules magnesium is really good for moving the bowels so this is fantastic and then there's one bonus supplement which is technically number 11 but it is kind of a given I thought I would share it though and that is a digestive enzyme I really like this one here it's a pancreatin from Jeunesse true brands I like it because it has ox bile and pancreatic enzymes that are gonna help digest your fats carbs and proteins and really help to clear that bile duct and by providing your body with extra bile so your body doesn't have to reserve all the bile and it can actually let some leave through the stool if you don't if you're vegan you don't want this one you can definitely do an organic super enzyme which is just completely plant-based but taking some kind of enzyme is going to make sure you're digesting your food so that you don't get that inflammation in the gut from undigested food and then bad bacteria can't feed off of it because there's nothing to ferment so these are the supplements that I want to share with you today I know a lot of them are not

vegan but a lot are there are vegan l-glutamine so you can take there's vegan probiotics you could take the charcoal and the chlorophyll those are all vegan and and in terms of protein powders if you do not want to take a plant collagen or gelatin you can do something vegan like vegan individual amino acids and that kind of stuff so there are options for sure if you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below I just want to share with you my favorite personal products that just worked wonders on healing my gut and that's all I have for today so make sure you're following me on Instagram and I love you all and I'll see you in my next video bye