10 June 2019

05 28 19 TPCSG, Ms Nancy Steedman, Nutrition and Diet, Pt 3


perfectly fine it looks great just

microwave in glass you can put in sweet potato in the microwave over a couple holes and it can be done in like five minutes and it doesn't leach out all the nutrients so excellent what are your thoughts on probiotics like kombucha and kefir and those kinds of things are they good bad they are excellent for you for your gut health and we don't there's not any specific recommendations in the guides right now but in cancer and I work with a lot of people with GI cancers we know that probiotics are good for our gut health so foods that have probiotics are good to include in your diet and because it helps what helps them grow is the fiber that you eat so when I talked about all the fiber foods but I didn't really talk about probiotic foods so yogurt the kefir we're using kefir it's a keeper or prefer it's a probiotic drink we're using in the hospital now from people in the ICU so they don't get infectious diarrhea pretty good stuff so you include those foods in your diet I don't think that there's any evidence to take a probiotic supplement every day so people get hooked on the idea that our

probiotics good for you and the next thing they want to do is take a pill these things don't necessarily translate over so eating foods right now is good the only time I take a probiotic supplement is when had to have an antibiotic course which is very very rare but let's say you have to take an antibiotic then there is good evidence and taking a probiotic afterwards for a couple weeks might help restore that good gut flora but yeah we're there maybe studies in the future that they have people going in there pooping and they're studying their poop and they're deciding what should you be doing to make your gut more healthy because that prevents cancer so it's very fascinating what's in the horizon for nutrition and cancer we can cure ourselves we can prevent a lot of disease by curing ourselves what were the five star recommendations what would the fly server to make sure we can hear ourselves exercise body and I will BMI there's no smoking so we can actually reduce our risk of almost all diseases dramatically by doing those things now those are sometimes hard for people to do so then the hospital would

go out of business because then we would have prevented our own diseases and obesity is an epidemic in the United States which is why we have so much diabetes which is why we have so many other diseases it does tend to fuel prostate cancer so being lean and getting rid of the belly and trying to be more active is one of the most important things you can do to keep your PSA low which is not the only measure but keep your aggressive type of cancer from starting it's actually really solid evidence yes I actually had to take cooking classes but it didn't teach me what I know today what I know today was extra on air and cooking classes and fun and videos on you can go on YouTube do you have a computer home no you can go to local just like yes the centers there's blank on the Senior Center sometimes I've been with the USDA and cooking classes but you know what with simple food you do more than piece of chicken yeah start is to get the frozen and vegetables that don't have any sauce on them as frozen vegetables are easy to start cooking with cuz you just zap them in the microwave or steam them and there are

all sorts of different types of vegetables and most of them look for no salt added but there are tons of good choices out there why they did well aspirin is one of those things that you should talk to your doctor about which different philosophies first the idea was that would decrease your risk of clots because it's on low dose and it but it would cause an intestinal bleeding now there's a little controversy on that out there but for prostate cancer it is one of the recommendations to talk over with your doctors not a low-dose aspirin it would think I believe that much but if you're on a blood thinner for something else then yeah they can happen if you're on warfarin you know why others go by my job yeah years ago people were taking both strength aspirin and they would get stomach ulcers as I was still a part of their stomach there's too much all right times up for me excellent