23 September 2018

01 11 Diet

Title: Initiation Into Hermetics Author: Franz Bardon Narrator: Fra. Andruid.

diet a reasonable lifestyle has to be

adopted in order to maintain the harmony of the elements in the body should a disharmony occur in the effect of the elements whereby one or another element is predominant or is weakened then particular measures have to be taken as to the intake of nourishment in order to direct the elements into the right channels or at least to influence them favorably in this respect that is why various diets are prescribed for specific cases from time immemorial even the common man has come to this conclusion through numerous observations without having understood the exact cause should the disturbance of the elements be such that the disharmony becomes visible then you are no longer dealing with the mere disharmony but with an illness that means you have to employ more effective remedies in order to re-establish the necessary harmony if you wish to achieve a complete recovery and have the body function normally again all healing methods known to us today are established on this foundation I refrain from mentioning details in regards to these healing methods since they are commonly known or available in general the natural path makes use of

thermic effects or impacts such as baths sits hand and foot baths compresses poultices herbs massages cetera the hollow path makes use of concentrated remedies which should call for the effect corresponding to the elements and should bring about recovery the homeopath stimulates the opposite element through his healing remedies cimelia simile boosts current or in order to bring the threatened element back into equilibrium in accordance with this polarity through the use of his remedies the electro homeopathy works directly upon the electrical and magnetic fluids in order to illiquid liberate the element that has fallen into disharmony through proper strengthening of these fluids all of course in accordance with the kind of ailment in question in this manner every healing method serves the purpose of restoring the disturbed equilibrium of the elements the magneto path through the knowledge of the influence of the elements upon our body has by far greater possibility to be effective with his energies especially when he has the ability to consciously awaken the electric or magnetic fluids to intensify

and transfer them into that part of the body which has come into disharmony in this book I have devoted a special chapter to the practice of this method of treatment the bodily functions as a whole have been explained in detail each body part besides being influenced by the effects of the analogous elements is also influenced by a specific element which expresses itself in the polarity of the corresponding body part it is an interesting fact that in the workplace in the clock mechanism or movement in other words in our mechanism some organs possess the ability of having the electric fluid flow from the inside to the outside and the magnetic fluid from the outside to the inside in reciprocity through which the function of the entire organism is carried out harmoniously and analogously when it comes to other organs the opposite applies the electric fluid is effective from the outside to the inside and the magnetic fluid from the inside to the outside the knowledge of this polar emanation is known in the hermetic sciences as the occult anatomy of the body it is extremely important for every initiate to possess knowledge of the effects of this occult anatomy if

he wishes to know influence and control his body furthermore I will give an account of the occult anatomy of the human body in regards to the electric and magnetic fluids that is in the positive and negative spheres of activity this information will greatly benefit the magneto path because he will be able to treat the particular part of the body in accordance with the seed of the disease either with the electric or the magnetic fluids however this knowledge can be of great benefit to everyone else as well